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October 29th, 2010

Hello everyone. I'm here with a very short update again. Lately I have been tied up more than usual and its going to be like this for a couple of weeks. I guess I picked the best time for Console Heights to go on vacation. Still! I am going to have the Halloween special of Console Heights up hopefully tomorrow. I've been put in a situation that has taken me away from my computer more than I would like.

So sadly I will not be doing movie predictions this time around. The only new movie that is coming out today is Saw 3D anayway. Btw, even though I am away from my computer I have been fortunate enough to be close to a TV more, and I have to say that I have not seen so much of the AMC channel in my entire life. Looking forward to the premiere of thier new series, "The Walking Dead." And if you have not decided whether or not to get the expansion for Red Dead Redemption titled "Undead Nightmare" then I am calling you crazy. I only had a chance to play it for a little bit and I love it so far. So far it has been worth every penny.

In any case, I have to catch up on some sleep so I bid you all adieu. Stay tuned for the Halloween special!

- Ozzie

October 25th, 2010

Vote, Console, Heights

Happy Monday everyone. I bring sad news today, there is no new Console Heights this Monday. The series is not on vacation yet but I was extra busy last weekend and at times I was a little distracted in a way that was very unproductive in every manner possible. Still! There will be a special Halloween edition of Console Heights coming soon and the final strip of the first season will be here shortly after that.

Looks like it has happened once again. My top five movie prediction was off once again by the placement of two movies. One of these days I am going to stop predicting them… one of these days. Let’s see what came in the top five starting with number five, The Social Network, Hereafter, R.E.D., Jackass 3D, and Paranormal Activity 2. Movie audiences went to get a more scares this weekend than laughs. Although this does bring into question how well Saw 3D is going to do this weekend. Last year the first Paranormal Activity moped the floor with Saw 6 because the series had just gotten worse and also because Paranormal Activity had an impressive marketing campaign. Even though I think Saw 3D will be taking top honors this coming weekend I personally don’t think its going to do great business. One of the reasons is because it is going to be Halloween weekend. Now you might think that it’s because its Halloween weekend the movie theater will be packed with people wanting to watch a scary movie. But you must take into account how much Halloween has been growing in popularity with adults. So think about it, the warm up Halloween party will be on Friday, the big drunken Halloween celebrations will be on Saturday, and Sunday will be for trick or treating and/or time to watch a bunch of football. Take this information and do what you will with it. Sadly in my case I will not be able to participate in any of the Halloween celebrations this year. It’s sort of a good thing because I put no thought into a costume this year and in any case I could use my Green Power Ranger outfit from two years ago if something does come up.

And so that about round things out once again. Another short update because I have to keep working on a few things and hopefully I can relax later.  Thanks for sticking around and remember to stay tuned. Have a great Monday everyone.

- Ozzie

October 21st, 2010

Ha ha! Here I am once again to bring a New Console Heights! (Click image to view a slightly larger one.)

Console Heights 50.11

And so Fox has fallen… or has he? No, he is pretty much done for now. The season will round out with one last strip so that I can get some ideas and plans together for the next one. I know that I hinted to maybe getting this new one out to everyone earlier but I got caught up with a few other matters which include getting to bed earlier and waking up even earlier to run before all the kiddies are walking to school.

Although Console Heights will be on a somewhat vacation do not think that it won’t pop-in to visit because this is the holidays and nothing brings together webcomic characters like the holidays. Also to add to that I will most likely be adding up a few other things that revolve around concept art and other stories I just want to get on paper.

Now before I forget I should go over the new movies coming out this weekend along with my predictions for the top five. So we are seeing two new releases this weekend with one being more along the lines for the season, by which I mean Halloween. Now we are seeing the sequel to last year’s creepy horror movie, Paranormal Activity 2. I must admit that the first one did creep me out, the mixture of the hand held aspect and the invisible looming force over the two leads kept me intrigued. The only thing that drew me away so much was the fact that the boyfriend was a little idiot most of the time. Still, I think that I (and my girlfriend) would have been at least staying in a hotel for a few nights if that crap was happening around my house. As far as I can tell there is a new family that is going to be tormented by this demon only this time it seems like a more traditional family in a sense that there is a father, mother, daughter, small baby, and a dog. Next we have the new Matt Damon movie titles Hereafter. This film revolves around Matt Damon being a person that can channel, speak, or locate the soul of a dead person so that a living person could speak to them. If I would have that power I would channel some historical people like George Washington or Michelangelo. In any case it looks like an interesting movie that is somewhat on the spooky side.

So now considering what could be in the top five for the weekend I am a little stumped to what I think will take top honors. But I am going with my gut on this one, so here we go: #5: The Social Network, #4: R.E.D., #3: Hereafter, #2: Jackass 3D, and #1: Paranormal Activity 2. If my streak keeps up I will have misplaced two of these movies.

That about rounds everything out for me today. I’m still pretty busy so I am trying to keep things short. Stay tuned for more and keep a look out for the last Console Heights strip of the season as well as for the special Halloween Edition. Muah-ha ha ha ha!!

- Ozzie

October 18th, 2010

Alright everyone, it’s Monday once again! Let’s get right to it; New Console Heights. (Click the image to view a slightly larger one.)

Console Heights 50.10

You know that I was planning a big two part addition today; sadly I got busy and had to keep it with one page. Still the next addition might come early this week because it’s just about ready to go. The season is about round out and I am ready for a vacation.

I think that I just might have cursed myself yet again this passed week’s prediction for the top 5. So in the end it is looking like the Secretariat had what it took to beat out Katherine Heigl’s “Life As We Know It.” The top five are as follows, starting with number five it is as I mentioned Life As We Know It, then The Secretariat, next to The Social Network at third, at second is R.E.D., and the runaway winner is no surprise Jackass 3D. Praise must be given where it is deserved. Those guys at Jackass continue to surprise.

Sadly because I’m strained for time I do not have the proper time and materials to update fully. So am ending the update short. Think of it as a minimum day at school or being able to punch out early from work, love that feeling. Anyway, take care and stay tuned.

- Ozzie

October 14th, 2010

Tis’ a happy Thursday everyone. Actually I don’t know what it is to actually be happy about but I am feeling happy I figured I would share the happiness. We’ll see if it rubs off on you. By the way… NEW CONSOLE HEIGHTS! (Click the image to view a slightly larger one.)

Console Heights 50.9

Truth be told that I am not extensively experienced in the drawing of dynamic action scenes. So I am asking you to let me know what you think so far of the more dynamic panels of series. I don’t mind to be critiqued trust me, good and bad opinions/advice are welcome.

I have to admit that I am relatively unprepared for the update today. So I am quickly going to go over the new movies coming out this weekend and give you my predictions for the top five. Let’s get the show on the road. This week we are seeing the release of two new movies that will definitely take The Social Network out of its top spot. The first one on the list the next addition to the ‘see what well funded idiots do to hurt each other’ sequel, Jackass 3D. Sadly I have not seen the previews they have for this in 3D because lately I’ve been avoiding the 3D features. But I am going to stick with my opinion that this use of 3D is a huge gimmick to cash in on the 10 year old TV series and movies. Trust me, I would say the same thing if they made a 3D live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie… (fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen.) The next and last new film on the list is a sort of ensemble movie with a cast that is slightly older then your typical team action film and this is of course Retired Extremely Dangerous or R.E.D. for short. Bringing together the talents of Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malcovich, and Karl Urban (FOR ROHAN!!). This is looking like a pretty fun over the top action comedy.

Alright, now moving on to my predictions for the Top 5. Lately I’ve noticed that I have usually been off by placing two movies on the wrong spot but I am hoping that I can get another correct this time around. Here we go: #5: Secretariat, #4: Life As We Know It, #3: The Social Network, #2: R.E.D., and at #1: Jackass 3D. If you didn’t notice when I was talking about Jackass 3D I am not too fond of this series of movies. My guess is that I have never really been part of that culture of people who love to mess (and do a ton of pranks) to friends or hurt each other just for a laugh. But hey, I guess I just didn’t grow up in that culture. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy giving or receiving a good prank or two but not at the level that those guys do. The only one that I really liked from the trailer was at the end of it when the huge hand pops out of the corner and smacks Bam Margera. And on Jackass 2 it was when banana hammock guy was dancing all around Japan and then guys in Panda suits were running around. That was amusing.

And so that about rounds everything out for me. I’m calling it a day and getting ready for a busy weekend in front of the computer. Have fun everyone and stay tuned for next weeks conclusion of season one of Console Heights!

- Ozzie

October 11th, 2010

Welcome back everyone. It’s the official second week of October. Now that I have enjoyed my birthday week is time for the post-birthday week celebrations. The celebration must continue into the holidays. So to kick off the celebration, here is a new Console Heights. (Click image to view a slightly larger one.)

Console Heights 50.8

The battle between Ryoga and Fox continues. Yes, yes, I know that I might have gotten a little inspiration for Fox’s technique from Avatar: The Last Airbender but to tell you all the truth I most likely would have done the same thing if I had never seen it. In any case the battle will be coming to a conclusion very soon.

AWWW MAN! I came so close this time to getting the top five movies of the box office right. Looks like I over predicted how well “My Soul to Take” would do and from what Rotten Tomatoes is saying… this movie is horrible. So let me quickly give you the run down for the top five movies of the weekend, starting with number five: My Soul to Take, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, The Secretariat, Life as We Know It, and in first once again, The Social Network. I don’t know but I’m getting tired of the headlines about how good The Social Network is. Don’t misunderstand, The Social Network deserves all the praise it’s getting but it’s the headlines that make me just shake my head, “People ‘Like’ the Social Network” and “Fans add Social Network to friends list.” Really?! You know what… that is their job and if I was in their place I would probably do the exact same thing.

For those of you who aren’t into the comic or videogame related world as much you might have not known that the New York Comic-Con was happening this weekend. In most peoples eyes this is the little sister version the San Diego Comic-Con. Still, that is not to say that it’s not growing in popularity into something bigger. And to tell you all the truth I have not been keep up at all. I’m sure that most of the news will be coming around in the next few days after everyone settles down from all the nerding out they did. That and so far I haven’t really heard anything worth while to mention, no jaw-dropping announcements that haven’t been heard before.

And so that about rounds things out for this Monday. Thanks for sticking around and make sure to stay tuned for more. Have a great week.

- Ozzie

October 7th, 2010

Good to see everyone back once again. I must say that the first Console Heights season is about to come to an end. Sure it’s been slow but hopefully the multi-part conclusion is entertaining that you keep coming back. So without further adieu, let’s get to it. (Click the image to view a slightly larger one.)

Console Heights 50.7

The one thing that I will admit here is that I would just love to have to know how to work a computer graphics program so that I could just animate this battle. Sadly my creative experience does not extend into that territory… maybe that should be remedied.

Since this week is still my birthday week and I am feeling a bit… lazy about writing too much. So I will quickly give you the low down on the new movies of the weekend along with my prediction of the top five movies. BUT FIRST!! I have to share with all of you some very interesting news coming from Sony Pictures Entertainment. And that news is that they have finally officially cast an actress to star as Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. And that actress is Emma Stone, who has been seen in Superbad, Zombieland, and most recently Easy A. Funny thing is that it’s said she is a natural blonde so we’ll finally be able to see her in her natural hair color.

Now onto the new movies of the weekend. First we have a horse racetrack drama called The Secretariat starring Diane Lane and John Malkovich who try and train a horse to be a winner at the racetrack. And since it is the month of October there will not be a shortage of horror-ish movies, the new one this week is called My Soul to Take. This one revolves around a few kids that share the same birthday as a serial killers death and start to either die, have flashbacks, or black out because of that similarity with each other. At least that’s what I got from the trailer. The last new movie is a “Rom-Com” starring that bitch Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in Life As We Know It. Nothing too special I think, a couple that isn’t that compatible is “forced” to adopt a child from a couple that died. So of course love and hilarity ensues. So here come my predictions of the Top Five movies of the weekend: #5: The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, #4: My Soul To Take, #3: The Secretariat, #2: Life As We Know It, #1: The Social Network.

So there you have it. Short and sweet. Have a great weekend everyone and stay tuned for more Console Heights!

- Ozzie

October 4th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome back for the first update of October (EVER!). That’s right, even though I have had this site up for a few years this is the first time I actually had an update on the month of October. But you aren’t here to read about the history of this site (or lack of); you’re here to see a new Console Heights! Here it is everyone. (Remeber to click the image to view a slightly larger one.) Also I this will probably be the last time I ask because I feel like a nagging wife but, if you have a minute to spare vote for Console Heights on Top Webcomics. Thanks.

Console, Heights, 50.6

Fox just might be losing himself in the fight; he hasn’t had much work since he was killed off on Metal Gear Solid. Either way, who will win this fight in the end?

During a normal circumstance I wouldn’t advertise my birthday because I’m not an attention hog. But so that this update makes sense I should tell you all that my birthday is this week and I am giving you all a short update. I want to kick my feet up and just relax after this weekend of being sick. Luckily I’m back to about 90% healthiness.

So to sum up this update I’ll have to mention that I failed once again to correctly predict the Top 5 movies at the box office. Now that’s more like me, getting the prediction wrong. Two of the three new comers this weekend completely failed to impress with “Case 39” ending up in 7th place followed by “Let Me In” in 8th. Now here are the top five movies from this weekend, I’ll start off with number five and work my way to number one: Easy A, The Town, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole, and no surprise here The Social Network. From the sounds of what I heard and read The Social Network is a very good drama with a cast that really makes the movie work. I just might have to make a trip to the theater and see this.

That about rounds everything out. I’m signing off for the time being and I will see you all back here soon. Stay tuned!

- Ozzie

BTW, I played through Dead Rising 2 and I loved it. The online component is very entertaining, it’s like I’m playing in a Wrestlemania and American Gladiators atmosphere at the same time, super fun!

September 30th, 2010

Welcome to the last day of the month everyone. That is correct, if you didn’t already realize there are not 31 days in this month and next months rent is due a little earlier than usual. Although I always had a beef with February because it’s the shortest month and rent still stayed the same. Can’t I get a discount on that month?! Either way, here is a new Console Heights! (Click to view a slightly larger image.) And even though it is the end of the month I would like to ask you to show your support of Console Heights before it goes on vacation and vote for it at Top Webcomics, it’s only a few clicks and I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Console, Heights, 50.5

Now Ryoga has got his act together and is ready to give Fox the “what for.” But the fight is far from over I’d say.

Before I move on I do want to say that this will be a short update. For two reasons, I have my plate full at the moment (but it’s not a plate of food) and I also seem to have caught a bit of a cold. Seems that in this very warm weather I have some how caught a cold. Not to bad but it is annoying. Even the most fun activities I enjoy doing are brought down a notch when I have a sore throat and runny nose. I look like an idiot with a piece of tissue stuck up my nose. But knowing my immune system I should be over this by the weekend I hope… I definitely don’t want to be sick on my birthday god damnit!

To keep this update short I am going to skim right through the new movies coming to a cinema near you. First we have the highly publicized based on actual events drama, The Social Network. This of course “based” around the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, and what he and the people around him have gone through when they created Facebook. Personally I think it’s way too early to make a movie about Facebook. Wait a few years people! Next we have a new vampire movie that focuses on a vampire that was bitten as a child and in turn has never grown up physically. A little boy takes an interest in the vampire girl when she moves in next door and let’s just say, bloody antics ensue. Oh, I almost forgot to say that this movie is titled “Let Me In.” Last we have another horror installment titled Case 39. This one features Renee Zellweger as a mom who takes a little girl from an abusive home only to find out that there is something really wrong with the girl. “Super-Naturally” wrong.

And so here are my predictions for the top 5 movies at the box office for the first weekend of October. Let’s start with number 5: #5: The Town #4: Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole, #3: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, #2: Let Me In, and #1: The Social Network. I just moved them all down a bit. Personally I’m not thinking that this weekend is going to be all that great that the box office. I don’t think that there are that many people interested in seeing a movie about how Facebook began. But we will see.

So much for a short update huh. Either way I am here now to bid you all adieu. Have a great weekend and stay tuned for more next week. Maybe once I have free time I can get to playing some Dead Rising 2!

- Ozzie

September 27th, 2010

Here we are once again. Hello and welcome everyone to Red Knight OC, home of webcomic (of sorts) Console Heights! And also home to the new addition to the Console Heights Series, enjoy! (Click the image to view a slightly larger image.) Don’t forget everyone to show your support for Console Heights by voting for it on Top Comics. Thanks.

Console, Heights, 50.4

Truth be told, I would like to make this multipart strip into one big update, sadly it would take longer than I would like. So in any case I hope you enjoy these additions. More action, less talking!

I’m not sure where you live right now (or do I?) but in the area where I live it was unseasonably hotter than usual. It wasn’t a big deal for me because I am very adaptive to the weather and it only felt a bit warmer than usual. But that didn’t stop other people from nagging me about the weather, “OMG! It’s so hot!” “I hate this weather!” “Do you have a fan I can borrow?” “Why is it so hot?!” “Let’s go skinny dipping!” Okay maybe that last one I don’t mind hearing. The only bad thing about that is that I technically don’t know how to swim. Either way, I’m just hear to tell everyone in the world to stop bitchin’ about the weather, instead say something constructive or do an activity that would allow you to forget and escape the weather you want to bitch about.

Moving right along, it looks like my streak in predicting the top 5 correctly will not be a streak at all. The box office was a bit lack-luster but that didn’t stop Wall Street from taking the top spot. Here are the top 5 really quick, starting with number five: You Again, Easy A, The Town, Legend of the Guardians, and Wall Street. I myself did not make a trip to the movies this weekend but I did get my hands on an early DVD copy of Iron Man 2 and I must say… love it! Sure it’s not as good as the first but I did not find myself bored at all during the whole thing. But hey, that’s just me. On a similar note, the week before I did see The Town and I must agree with most of the buzz about the movie. It was really good. Jeremy Renner was awesome, I won’t make fun of Ben Affleck’s acting ever again, Blake Lively… I dated that kind of girl before and it was… awesome while it lasted. I can’t say for certain that she did drugs but the area where she lived wasn’t the best choice for clean living, but I really liked her either way. Well before I dump too much information about my past on your lap lets just keep moving along.

Actually now that I think about it there really isn’t much to report. Here are some of the movie highlights since Thursday, Emma Stone has been added the list of possible female leads for the Spider-Man reboot, photos of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (Captain America) surface, Kate Beckinsale will return for Underworld 4, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter plan to reprise their roles as Bill & Ted (seriously!?), and there is a new viral clip circling the internet about Paranormal Activity 2. Wait! Did I just write there will be another Bill & Ted movie? Holy shit! I thought that Keanu Reeves hated to be reminded that he was in those movies, bogus… I’ll have to wait and see what happens with that. But let me just say that the years have been kinder to Keanu Reeves than Alex Winter.

In any case, this is where the update ends. Thanks for sticking around til the end. Have a great start to your week. Stay tuned for more.

- Ozzie

September 23, 2010

Welcome back everyone. Here we are once again on the first official Thursday of Autumn or more commonly known as the Fall Season. How about I cut to the chase? New Console Heights! (Click the image to view a slightly larger one.) Don’t forget to show your support for Console Heights by voting at Top Webcomics, it’s just a few clicks. Thanks.

Console, Heights, 50.3

Things are about to heat up for Ryoga, does he have what it takes to take down Grey Fox? What else will happen on the season finale of Console Heights?

After a weekend of four new movies and two of those actually scoring high marks with critics and non-critics we are going into a week that might not be so eventful. Although there the three are being released do have a lot of buzz surrounding them (at least from my point of view). First we have the big one; we see the return of Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Of course the young Shia LaBeouf is starring along side Douglas. Next we have the next animated bird movie from the studio that made Happy Feet, Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. I swear that the first time I saw the trailer for this movie I thought it was a sequel to Happy Feet because those Owl designs reminded me so much of those Penguins. But I do have to say that the song in the trailer (by 30 Seconds to Mars) is pretty tight. And last but certainly not least is a female ensemble picture which includes Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristen Bell, Odette Yustman, and Betty White in the movie titledYou Again.” Here we have girl power of all different age ranges. Now if they could only have rounded out all the ages by getting the girl from Kick-Ass, Chloe Moretz, or the little girl from Zombieland, Abigail Breslin. I never thought I would see Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver in a movie together, it’s a shame that if I go and see this without a girl around my arm I would look like a total sissy.

But that’s enough of that; it’s about that time to predict the 5 movies that I think will be at the top of the box office. After my spectacular week of correctly predicting the top 5 I am hoping I can repeat that magic. Alright, here are my choices: #5: Easy A, #4: You Again, #3: The Town, #2: Legend of the Gaurdians: The Owls of Ga’hoole, #1:Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Damn! Why do these new movies have to have such long titles?

Anyway, in a surprising and not so surprising note two new characters were announced this week for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Sure they have been continuously been announcing new characters but this time I wanted to mention it because it’s another one of those “what the hell?” character additions and a “no shit,” addition. First the “no shit” addition which of course is Spider-Man. Truth be told, Spidy is one of my go to guys but they didn’t have to take their sweet time to announce that. How can you have a Marvel team and not have Spider-Man in it? Still the other character addition is the one that caught me off guard, and that is Albert Wesker (from Resident Evil fame). Looks like Chris Redfield is going to have some competition. Curious, check out more videos on Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

And that about rounds things off for this update. I must say that I have been able to take it somewhat easy this week, but that just means I’m not working hard enough to get more done. I should be getting as much done now so that next week I can get all into Dead Rising 2. Ah fun times. Catch y’all later and stay tuned for the rest of the season finale of Console Heights.


September 20th, 2010

Happy Monday everyone! Yes, it is Monday once again. I am definitely feeling better about this week than last week. But that is mostly because I enjoyed this passed weekend and it’s a good lead in to the actual week. I will not bore you with the details but I am here to share a New Console Heights! (Click the image to view a slightly larger one.) And you know its coming, if you have a moment to spare, vote for Console Heights on Top Webcomics. Help spread the word of the Heights that are about Consoles. (Sort of.)

Console, Heights, 50.2

Oh no… what did I do? Mega Man… dead… or is he? Grey Fox isn’t messing around it seems. What will the season’s conclusion be on Console Heights?!

You know I want a pat on the back. My back as a matter of fact. I think that a pat on my back is quite well deserved this Monday. Why you ask? Well… I CORRECTLY predicted the weekends Top 5 movies at the box office. Finally ending my long standing losing streak and not a moment too soon. I was going to get it eventually sure but I decied to take a chance that The Town would bring in more money than Easy A when most people didn’t. I had a gut feeling and I went with it… I should listen to my gut more often. Either way, if estimates stay like they are these will be the movies that came in the top 5, starting with number five: Alpha and Omega, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Devil, Easy A, and The Town.

On another note, the Tokyo Game Show was up and happening this weekend in well… Tokyo, Japan. Needless to say I have not been keeping up with the news, there just aren’t that many games I’m excited about other than (off the top of my head), Dead Rising 2, Dead Space 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2, and Force Unleashed 2. You know… all those are sequels, weird. And to my knowledge only one of those games is coming out soon and the rest I have plenty of time to wait for so there is no need to drown myself in information on something that won’t be of any use until about a year later. I did see some game highlights and even though I am not a follower of the Devil May Cry series, that new “Dante” looks like a punk. I thought he was cool before and now he looks like a total loser. Call me names and tell me I’m wrong but that won’t change my opinion, if you like the new look and are looking forward to it than you should just brush off what I say and go about your day.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it for me. I would give you some more info but like I said there is no need to bore you with the little things. Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be seeing you back here soon. Stay tuned.

- Ozzie

September 16th, 2010

At last! I haven’t been scrambling to update. This time around I have gotten this done nice and early. So let us just cut to the chase! New Console Heights! (Remember, click the image below to very a slightly larger version.) And don’t forget if you have a moment to spare, click here or the banner above to vote for Console Heights on Top Webcomics, thanks.

Console, Heights, 50.1

So here is the deal everyone, #50 strip of Console Heights will be the multi-part season finale. Since lots of tv shows are round up their summer seasons I thought I would do the same. (Like my favorite show, Psych) I’m doing this so I can take a break, gather my thoughts, improve other areas, and look for more opportunities. Still that is not to say Console Heights is dead, far from it. It’s just going to take a vacation. But none the less, what will be conclusion of this season?

I have to mention something because I feel that if I don’t I would be neglecting and entire audience. Since I did do a comic called, “Predator vs. Master Chief” you would think that I am all over the new Halo: Reach game… sadly I am not. Not that I don’t have time for it but I think I have lost the taste for the Halo series all together. Or maybe the absence of the Chief himself isn’t all that appealing. Not all too sure. But then again, if you ARE a Halo fan chances of you surfing the web right now are very slim because you are probably knee deep into Reach’s multiplayer.

Still, I’m glad I have been web surfing because I came across some incredible news. And that is that Capcom is releasing another DLC for Dead Rising 2 that will serve as an epilogue to Dead Rising 2 much like Case Zero was a prologue. I will not spoil the news for you so you can click here to read the announcement. OR you can click here to view the teaser trailer. Sadly no news on when it will be released but it most likely will be after the main game is released. So here we go, on to movies of the weekend.

Unlike last week at the “cinema” where we only saw the release of one new movie, we are treated to the release of  FOUR new ones this time around. Oddly enough I am interested in seeing three out of the four, but I’m not sure I’ll even watch any. Still that won’t stop me from continuing my losing streak of predicting the Top 5 movies of the weekend. Okay, let’s go over the new movies. First we have the irresistible Emma Stone starring in the high school comedy “Easy A.” Looks like it could be a fun time and its also looking like Amanda Bynes might also be looking to steal the show. Probably a better fit for the female audience. Next we have another ensemble crime team, heist-ish movie called “The Town.” In this one we have Ben Affleck starring alongside the future “Hawkeye” Jeremy Renner as a couple of guys who lead a group of other guys to steal a shit load of money from banks and such. It’s a tough choice but would I rather watch a Ben Affleck movie or watch Paul Walker and Hayden Christianson in Takers… I’m not a big fan of either of these guys but “The Town” would take it not just because the future Hawkeye is in it, but the lovely Blake Lively will also be there as a junkie, let’s see how good her acting chops are. Moving right along we have a movie that is not directed by but “comes from the mind” of M. Night Shamalamadingdong. Which is kind of weird because, if my research is correct he didn’t write it either. This movie is called shortly like the rest, “Devil,” and how does this come from the mind of Shamalamadingdong is anyone’s guess. Fortunately since he is not helming the movie on any specific level that I know it might actually turn out to be a really good movie. And last and certainly the least we have another animated 3D feature film called, Alpha and Omega. The one thing I actually noticed from the trailer is not only does this movie look so dumb but for one reason or another it reminds me of the hand drawn feature movie, Balto. And so I don’t feel left out of the wolf watching movie audience this weekend I think I’m putting Balto on my Netflix queue.

So! Finally to my movie predictions for the weekend. Starting with number five: #5: Alpha and Omega, #4: Resident Evil, #3: Devil, #2: Easy A, #1: The Town. Alright, ballot is in and no changes can be made. We’ll see how things turn out this weekend. So that about wraps things up for me. Have a great weekend everyone. And stay tuned for more Console Heights.

- Ozzie

September 13th, 2010 (**Now with blog update, click here to view**)

Happy Monday everyone. Let's get right down to business because this will be a very quick update. New Console Heights! (Click image to view a slightly larger version.) And don't forget to show your support of Console Heights by clicking here of the banner above and voting for Console Heights at Top 100 Webcomics. Thanks.

Console, Heights, 49

Will Ryoga finally finish his journey into his mind and discover who and what he really is? And what become of Batman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the young Dan Aykroyd? Well, we will have to wait and see.

This is where todays update will conclude. I'll most likely have an update later today or tomorrow to explain why this one is so short. None the less, have a great start to the week everyone and stay tuned.

- Ozzie

**September 14th, 2010

You know while I was thinking about adding this to my earlier update I was thinking, “Would this be considered a ‘blog’?” And I came the realization that I have not called this section of my updates, blogs. I have called them rants and spiels (sh-peals) but never a blog. This will probably be the only time I call it that.

Moving on from that, I want to talk about Console Heights for a second. I’ve mentioned this before but when I started it I was going along the path of comical, fun, video game, movie, and entertainment related webcomic. If you’ve been keeping up than you know it’s changed quite a bit. Still! That doesn’t mean its going to stay all serious in the future. I’m just going through this storyline for the moment. More will be revealed later.

Now, onto the next point. It looks like I came up short on the placement of two movies with my weekend prediction. But by the looks of the final numbers it was a very close call for the number two spot. The American (starring George Clooney) came up 1,400ish dollars short of beating out Takers for the second spot. That is freaking so close. None the less they are fighting for the first loser position so it doesn’t really matter in the end (except for my prediction). So to sum up the weekends top 5 was (starting with #5), Going the Distance, Machete, The American, Takers, and of course… god damn Resident-fuckin-Evil: After life! I’m normally a person in control and I don’t swear too much… but some things just piss me the hell off. And if what I am reading about the movie is right I have another Resident Evil movie to look forward to. FUCK!

I do have something to mention that you might not be aware of but I am somewhat of a football fan. More of a fan of my team but I do enjoy watching the sport more than any other sport. My guess it’s because I don’t get over saturated with the football games year round unlike other sports that play 10 months out of the year. Still this was partly the reason for my short update on Monday. I like to update very early Monday morning but for that to happen I have to have everything ready by Sunday night… well some football games (like watching my team get their asses handed to them) ruined my day and also distracted me from updating. If you follow football or even look at the scores from the weekend you may figure out who is my team… *sniff* Think of it as a scavenger hunt or riddle with a prize that is nothing other than a mental pat on your back from me.

On another note before I go. Last week the Daily Mail had photos from the set of Captain America. Not the greatest photos I’ll admit… and they were not of Chris Evans who is playing Captain America. Instead they were of his stunt double in Cap’s outfit. It doesn’t look all that bad… but for some reason it just doesn’t look… real is not the word but it looks kinda airbrushed. Still my biggest complaint is that he is not beating up Nazi’s in the photos but he is being chased by Hydra agents. We’ll see what happens; in the mean time you can click the photo below to view the article and more photos as well. What do you think?

Captain, America

Well that about wraps things up for me, I’m going to get to work on a few other things so that I don’t get backed up again on Sunday. Stay tuned for Thursday’s update.


September 9th, 2010

Welcome back everyone to another addition to Console Heights. I'm sure that some of you were wondering if I would be able to get back into the swing of things after the last couple of weeks and don't worry because I have. For the most part at least. So here we so, new Console Heights! (Click the image to view a slightly larger one.) Also I would really appreciate it if you would take a few seconds and make a few clicks to vote for Console Heights on Top Webcomics by clicking here or the banner above. Thanks.

Console, Heights, 48

I told you on Monday that I was more worried about Mega Man that the moment. Now you know why. Does this mark the end of Mega Man on Console Heights? If not, how will he survive the onslaught of Black Serpents and now Grey Fox? More to come next week.

Okay, I am going to save my prediction for the Top 5 movies at the box office til the last paragraph because its going to piss me off when I talk about it. That's right, I'd rather leave this update angry then on a happy note. What can I say, sometimes I would rather be pissed. It's not everyday that I get to do so.

So I would like to give you all my take on the downloadable content I talked about on Monday. If you recall I mentioned the story add-ons for both Dragn Age and Mass Effect 2. In total it came out around 15-ish dollars. But I must say, it was worth it. Sure it might be true that it really only supplies about 2 hours of gameplay for each one but you might forget the replay value. I know in my case, I will play the Mass Effect 2 add-on (Lair of the Shadow Broker) more because it will most likely have influence on what will happen in Mass Effect 3. I have to admit that the flying car chase part of the add-on could have been so much better, it was fun but not something that really stood out in the end. The Dragon Age add-on (Witch Hunt) was actually kind of easy when I played through it on Hard, guess I should have bumped up the difficulty more. This also gives hints to what I was suspecting would be happening in the sequel. All in all, Witch Hunt was a good add-on and Lair of the Shadow Broker was really good. Not to mention that they gave Liara a graphical upgrade with that add-on, because I was right that they recycled the skin from the first Mass Effect.

Okay, now its time to get pissed off. I'm pretty sure that I have gone on a rant about this topic before on here so I am going to make this as short as I can. There is one new movie coming out this weekend which will no doubt take the top spot with ease. That movie is the fourth addition to the "video-game" inspired movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife. *sigh* You know, I'm just going to slump forward and hang my head down because I can't even look at that title. Screw that movie! Screw all the movies before it! And screw that S.O.B. Paul W.S. Anderson for still being put on to making these movies! I don't think I can take this shit anymore! On the good news side, I think I only have maybe 2 weeks more of the advertising for this movie and I will be in the clear. Have to look at the bright side of things. So let's see if I can predict the top 5 this time around. Here we go: #5: Going the Distance, #4: Machete, #3: Takers, #2: The American, #1: Resident Evil: Afterlife.

So there you have it everyone, I hope you enjoyed this Thursdays update. Stay tuned for more soon. Have a great weekend everyone.

- Ozzie

September 6th, 2010

I must say, Happy Labor Day everyone!! At least everyone in the U.S. of A. Is labor day celebrated outside of the U.S.? Anywho, technically this is the last day to PARH-TAY until Halloween hits. But no one should need a reason to party, people should party whenever they want. And even though it’s a day off for the hard working people, I bring you all a new Console Heights so that those people have something new to enjoy on their holiday. (Click the image to view a slightly larger one.) Remember to show your support of Console Heights, click here or the banner above to vote on Top Webcomics, thanks.

Console, Heights, 47

Just when Ryoga thought things were turning for the better, looks like an even bigger problem just stepped in the way. But he does have a great team to help him out. I’m more worried about Mega Man right now.

Alright, its looking like this weekend at the box office totally went into the crapper. I got nothing right. From the looks of it, Going the Distance came in 5th, The Last Exorcism in 4th, Machete in 3rd, Takers in 2nd, and The American in 1st. Looks like George Clooney is still pulling in that audience. Maybe I should quit in trying to predict the top movies at the box office, I have an 80% chance of getting it wrong!

Anyway, in video game news I have to say that this month… the month of September is really looking good. Not only is the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game totally awesome it is also super fun to play. It’s an old school beat-em up with that old school sprite look. I definitely recommend it, its only 10 bucks! The only bad thing I can say about it is that it does not have an online function, so if you want to play with friends you must do it on the same console. Okay now moving on. Dead… Rising… TWO… (Case Zero). I am going to tell you the truth… Dead Rising was the very first game I bought for the 360 and I didn’t even own a 360. I played it on a friends system. Still, that lovely flavor of comically killing zombies has not left my mouth since then but I have been wanting more since then. Now Case Zero gives me a little taste of things to come for only 5 bucks! What a deal?! I’ve already gotten in plenty of hours to warrant that purchase. Like killing zombies? Definitely download this one. Alright, moving onto what will make this week for me. And that is the new content to download for both Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 coming out tomorrow. Hot damn! Bioware is going all out with this stuff and I love them for it. We have the supposed last add-on for Dragon Age to find out exactly what happened to Morrigan at the end of the game… which from what the teaser trailer for Dragon Age 2 tells me anything…it might be following a very particular ending. And finally the Mass Effect 2 add-on. I was wondering if I would find out what happens to Liara until Mass Effect 3 but the wait would be too long. Bioware has surprised me again with the chance to bring Liara back into the fold of the story and find out exactly what a dick the Shadow Broker really is. And not only that… I get to find out if she still has feelings for my Sherpard. Now all that is left is Ashley and Kiaden.

That’s about it for me, I’m going to enjoy the rest of this holiday… day. Check out the links if you have time to spare and don’t forget to have a drink for me. Have fun, stay safe, and stay tuned for more!

- Ozzie

September 2nd, 2010

Happy month of September everyone! I'm really surprised how fast the year is going by. Two thirds of the 2010 is over! Dang I really wish time would go slower... but none the less! New Console Heights! (sort of) I'll explain below. For now, enjoy this new one! (Click image to view a larger version) Help spread the word of Console Heights at Top Web Comics.

Console, Heights, Mega, Man, Ryoga, Kratos, Mario, Luigi, Samus, Metroid, Shepard, Garrus

Yes! This is technically a filler. (And before I anyone says anything, the "mispellings" in the strip are not mispellings, just try and read them with an accent... preferably an Italian accent.) Truth is that since what happened last week with my drawing tablet failure I had to adjust how I want the main story of Console Heights to play out. So I decided to show that I haven't forgotten about the crew that make guest appearances in the earlier Console Heights strips. want to see them again? Click these below:

Kratos: AP1, AP2
AP1, AP2
Altair, Ezio:
Commander Shepard:

The new guest stars in this one are of course Mario and Luigi. Anyway, lets move on to my prediction of the Top 5 movies at the box office this weekend. Okay, last weekend was pretty slow but this one is promising to pick right up. We have three new movies coming out and two of them look like they would be fun to watch. First, let's start off with the big guns or I should say big knives, Machete! The Robert Rodrigez directed over the top action film starring the actor that is always in Robert Rodrigez movies, Danny Trejo. Also in this we are seeing the return of Steven Seagal to the be big screen. Next we have an addition that has been kinda lacking for a while, a promising romantic comedy. This one is called Going the Distance starring "real-life" couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. This actually looks enjoyable... at least from the previews. And finally we have a "George Clooney trying to be Matt Damon" secret agent movie called, The American! Not very interested in this one at all. So here goes: #5: Takers, #4: The Last Exorcism, #3: The American, #2: Going the Distance, and #1: Machete.

Anyway... looks like I lied this passed Monday, this is another short update. I'll talk about the Scott Pilgrim video game and Dead Rising 2: Case 0. And among other things. In the mean time, enjoy and stay tuned.

- Ozzie


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